Our Team

From Ian’s one-man show at Maritime’s creation in 2012 to the six-person staff we have today, we appreciate the unique talents that each of our team members bring to the table. Learn a little bit more about us and what we do, in and out of the studio.

Meet Our Team


Founder & CEO


Team Coordinator & Customer Service


Creative Director


Studio & Inventory Manager

“Quality means doing right when no one is looking.”

Our products are all hand made and we stand behind our work. We believe that true makers are honest with themselves, their products, and their customers. This is something we strive for everyday. 


Production Assistant

Our Values

Most people want to take action on what matters, but without a reminder it’s easy to feel lost in the storms of life. We make pendants with powerful sayings as wearable reminders. When you put one on each day, you are choosing direction over distraction which empowers you to embrace challenges and navigate one day at a time. Each day adds to the momentum of living courageously and after a month or a year, you’ll find yourself in a whole new place.