Our Brand Story

We are an American brand located in Taylors, South Carolina that found our start with rustic, coastal-themed jewelry. You might wonder why a company based in a land-locked town like Taylors is called “Maritime Supply Co,” and you’d be fair to do so. None of us on staff have extensive nautical experience - indeed, some of us even get seasick. But what drew us to themes of the sea and the lifestyle it demands from those who dare to conquer it was just that: the struggle, endurance, and triumph and the daily commitment to persevere through all weather and conditions. Sailors of yore had to be disciplined, tough, and aware, whether they were surviving storms or struggling through doldrums.

We believe that true makers are honest with themselves, their products, and their customers and so we proudly stand behind our work.

Small Business Mindset

Being a small business enables us to dive head first into a design and put our hearts and souls into each piece that we create. We take pride in our craft and the meaning it provides so when you wear a Maritime piece, you’re family. We refine, polish, and inspect all our pieces by hand to ensure exceptional quality and handle all customer service personally. We believe that true makers are honest with themselves, their products, and their customers and so we proudly stand behind our work. And we work to take care of our own in other ways too: we are a caring team who pays fair wages and encourages an enjoyable work-life balance for all members.

Per Aspera Ad Astra

Each of us on the Maritime team has been through something hard - everyone has. We know it takes a lifeline to stay on course. We may not be fighting for our lives on the open sea, but we know how helpful it is to have a daily reminder to take action and navigate each day instead of getting lost in the drift. That’s why we hold to the mindset to embrace adversity and challenges, to choose to set sail on quests and improve ourselves every day. These are the opportunities to grow… and the real adventures of living.

The phrases and mottos we offer are ones that resonate with us, that we repeat to ourselves because we need to hear them too. Most people want to take action on what matters, but without a reminder it’s easy to feel lost in the storms of life. We make pendants with powerful sayings as wearable reminders. Our pendants are all made in the USA and are designed to last a lifetime, whether you get one for yourself or as a gift to treasure. When you put one on each day, you are choosing direction over distraction which empowers you to embrace challenges and navigate one day at a time. Each day adds to the momentum of living courageously and after a month or a year, you’ll find yourself in a whole new place

Choose to set sail, hold fast, and stay the course. A whole ocean of experiences awaits you.