What sets a seasoned sailor apart from the modern yachtsman? Both are skilled at their craft. But the sailor has an unbreakable will, forged in a salt encrusted crucible of a relentless and vast ocean. On top of that, they have a job to do.

We all do.

Our muscles grow and are strengthened from the trauma and repair of their fibers.  Inner strength works the same way. We are subjected to trauma of all kinds, and only through repair can we strengthen our will and our mind.

Maritime Supply Co exists to inspire and remind you that it takes strength to simply be alive in this crazy world and we’ve found that a memento kept close at hand or close to the heart can help build those muscle fibers of inner strength.

We seek out the most potent inspiration we can, and forge it into unbreakable brass and silver pieces for you to take on your journey. The world is vast and many adventures lie ahead, but the challenges will still push against us like the relentless ocean waves of an approaching storm.

On top of that, you have a job to do.

Who We Help

As challenging as life can be, we must also take stock in our blessings, for there are others for whom our struggles would seem like luxuries.  The ocean shores up every continent on this planet and our kinship with those facing hardship knows no physical boundary.  We firmly believe that helping others is essential to bettering ourselves and so we commit 10% of our net profits to organizations doing this good work.

How far are you from a faucet right now? In West Africa, a child has to walk an average distance of 3.75 miles to gather clear water. It’s a hardship that simply should not exist and we are working with Set Free Alliance to ensure that it doesn’t.

By drilling a well deep enough into the aquifer to run consistently throughout both the rainy season and the dry. The SFA Water of Life Initiative can transform an entire village of 750-1500 people. Once the well is drilled, children can return to school and health improves for everyone. It’s a keystone event that serves as a foundation for a village's rapid improvement over the next 50 years.

We recognize and are inspired by these people's perseverance through hardship and are honored to partner with Set Free Alliance's Water of Life Initiative to ensure that preventable hardships are in fact, prevented.

How It's Made

Who We Are

Maritime Supply Co is a small business located in Greenville, South Carolina. Our products are all hand made and embody the hard-working, old soul of America. We stand behind all our products and believe that true makers are honest with themselves, their products, and their customers. This is something we strive for everyday.

Thank you for checking us out,
Ian, Corey, Andrew, Molly, and Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order be shipped?

Each order from Maritime Supply Co is made-to-order, and so we cannot promise same-day shipping.

Domestic and International orders will be shipped within 2-4 business days.

Fedex 2-day shipping is Fedex's official name for the service they offer and does not mean that you will get your order 2 days after you order. Please allow 2-4 business days for us to prep and package your order. We are a small business and cannot promise two day shipping.

If you would like to return your order you must first email us at: info@maritimesupplyco.com and include your order # in the subject line.

All returns must be made within 30 days of delivery and the item(s) must be unused (or a 30% restocking fee will be subtracted to your refund).

Once inspected we will refund the item purchase total (shipping not included).

Any items shipped back to us without a confirmation number or prior email to us will not be refunded.