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Part of our 2022 Motivation collection.

Hand-crafted from start to finish, this brass coin pendant features the phrase "yesterday NOW tomorrow."

"Yesterday" is on the left side of the coin and "tomorrow" is on the right side, with "now" in enlarged text in the center of the coin. "Yesterday" and "tomorrow" are struck through, as a reminder that there is no way to change the past and there is no way to predict the future - we only have the present moment to shape and act upon. We want this coin to serve as motivation not to keep regretting what was left undone and not to keep putting things off until tomorrow, but to seize the moment and start implementing change and intention NOW.


  • Coin pendant is 1" in diameter.

Purchase this coin as a keychain instead of a necklace here.

If you are unsure about which chain length to order, please read our suggestions on the FAQ page.

Please note: All our brass pendants are raw brass, meaning they are not electroplated and will develop a beautiful patina over time. We recommend polishing it with a soft cloth to help keep your pendant's original shine if you prefer the bright metal look.

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