21 Days Blog

One of our crew members shared her 21 Day Journey with us, and we wanted to share it with all of you. Hopefully it will inspire perseverance to take hold of your day-to-day and find growth.

“It took me a little while to put this together, as I wanted to have some photos of my 21 day challenge progress, but didn't have any clue what to challenge myself with! I mean, I had multiple ideas, but one to begin with and focus on, that felt like I could stick with it and keep the momentum...that was a challenge itself! I decided to walk a loop around my 'neighborhood'- approx. 3 miles- every day, preferably every morning before the boys woke up and the day began (it's easy to forget about my own goals for a day after that).

“I'm currently on Day 15 and only have two more disks to go! It has been wonderful waking up before most of the town and walking and seeing everything from our foggy beaver pond to red efts to a few escaped young cows wandering down the road and blocking the school bus (that was on Day 12)! I'll have to start thinking of my next 21 Day Challenge!

“I also ordered the 21 Day Necklace for my almost-12-year-old son as well, to encourage him to find a goal to work on this summer once school is out. He doesn't have a challenge in mind yet, but he's thinking about it.”

Many thanks to Kerrie for sharing her photos and her story with us.

Forming helpful habits can be a daunting process and may include false starts and faded stops, but anyone of any age can make the choice to take the first step towards health of mind and body. If you have photos to share from your process, I’d love to see those too!

Per Aspera Ad Astra,

Molly & the Maritime crew