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Sterling Silver Anchor Necklace & Sterling Silver I'VE COME SO FAR Quote Wax Seal Pendant



One of our wax seal pendants paired with a classic sterling silver Maritime anchor. Wax seal pendant features the phrase “I’ve come so far I think I can run on just a little bit longer” on the front, and our Maritime USA logo stamp with .925 sterling silver marker on the back.

This is a phrase said frequently by Dr. Dean Thompson of Presbyterian College, most often when he is encouraging his students to persevere through a writing assignment, an academic semester, or even through life itself. The quote is originally attributed to Mother Willie Mae Ford Smith, a Black gospel singer from Rolling Forks, Mississippi who rose to American musical fame late in her singing career. The quote can be found embedded in the liner notes of her 1984 LP, “I Am Bound for Canaan Land,” and reads as follows: “As she likes to sing, ‘I’ve come so far, I believe I can run on some more.’”

Whatever race you may be running, we hope that this phrase reminds you to look back on all the progress you’ve made so far and encourages you to continue on towards your goal, however small or large, short-term or ongoing. Spark positive action and use new words to create new habits! We chose to pair the wax seal with an anchor to provide a reminder that you have things i your life that prevent you from going adrift in the sea of life and help keep you grounded.


  • Anchor:
    • Solid .925 sterling silver with "Maritime" stamped vertically down the shank
    • Measures 1.5" tall by 1" wide
  • Wax seal pendant:
    • .925 sterling silver, nickel-free
    • Measures approximately 1.2" in diameter
  • Both pendants are hand-casted in the USA
  • Available on 2.5mm stainless steel rolo chain, nickel-free
    • 26" long
    • 22" long

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