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IN NOCTE CONSILIUM "Sleep On It" - Brass Coin Necklace

$23 $24

Part of our new Captain’s Script coin collection.

Hand-crafted from start to finish, this stamped coin features the Latin phrase IN NOCTE CONSILIUM, which translates to "the night is counsel," or "through the night comes council."

This phrase has many translations but the closest English equivalent is “sleep on it,” a motto that can offer clarity in even the most confounding adversity. When faced with a seemingly unanswerable question, never underestimate the power of resting in peaceful separation from the task at hand. This break from wrestling with the problem often proves to be an invaluable key to the solution.

Coin pendant is 1" in diameter.

Please note: All our brass pendants are raw brass, meaning they are not electroplated and will develop a beautiful patina over time. We include a jewelry cloth with every order to help keep your pendant's original shine if you choose to do so.

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