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WE ARE WAVES - Double Stamped Brass Coin Necklace


Part of our new Captain’s Script coin collection.

Hand-crafted from start to finish, this stamped coin features the phrase “We are waves from the same sea.”

This expression is only part of a longer phrase attributed to Seneca, a Stoic philosopher. The full quote reads: “We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden.” Whether or not Seneca originally coined the phrase, his Stoic school of thought and therefore his belief in Monism certainly fit with the message of the saying: that we, as humans, are all unified by our shared humanity, regardless of physical or cultural differences.

This phrase entered our vernacular in a big way in March 2020, when a Chinese company stamped it on boxes of medical supplies delivered to Italy to offer relief and aid at the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Regardless of what crisis we face, whether interpersonal or global, may we remember that we are all human and offer sympathy and understanding accordingly.

Reverse stamped with raised ship wheel design.

Please note: All our brass pendants are raw brass, meaning they are not electroplated and will develop a beautiful patina over time. We include a jewelry cloth with every order to help keep your pendant's original shine if you choose to do so.

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