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VINCIT QUI SE VINCIT Sticker Pack - Leather Patch & Vinyl Sticker



Part of our Conquer collection.

VINCIT QUI SE VINCIT, the Latin phrase that circles the illustration, translates to “He conquers who conquers himself.” The nautical scene depicts a sailor fending off a giant octopus with a harpoon as the octopus attacks the ship. In this example, the sailor has the strength and determination to defeat the octopus only because he has already proven his own worth and ability to himself by surviving a life on the sea this long.

A different iteration of the Latin phrase is “bis vincit qui se vincit,” which translates to “he (she) who prevails over himself (herself) is twice victorious.” This could be taken to mean that if you have successfully trained yourself to reject a fearful nature and instead go forward with goodwill and courage, then that is one major battle already won and you are much more likely to succeed in the next external conflict you face. Choose to see adversity as an opportunity to overcome!


  • Stickers included:

    • circular Vincit Qui Se Vincit original design (sailor & kraken) burnished onto leather sticker patch
      • choose from brown leather or black leather
    • circular Vincit Qui Se Vincit original design (sailor & kraken) on vinyl sticker in color
  • Peel the backing off of the sticker and apply firmly to clean, dry surface.
  • Leather patch suggestions: bags, hats, jackets, phone cases
  • Vinyl sticker suggestions: water bottles, phone cases, laptops, cars

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